Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What Brand of Steel Shot or Shotgun Shell is The Best for Duck Hunting?

A lot of customers will ask me when planning their trip what brand of shotgun shell we prefer customers to shoot while on their hunt with us. I really don't care to much about the brand of shell as much as I do as the trigger puller behind the shell. Because if you are not used to shooting ducks, it is a hard task for some. We did run a test on most brands a couple of years ago to see how they would pattern. The best of the best was the Hevi-Shot and the worst of the worst was the Estate. The Hevi-Shot patterned with a modified choke, 12 guage, 3 inch shell, and 4 shot at thirty yards was perfect. It formed a pattern about 2-3 feet wide, which is perfect for shooting ducks in any situatation. The Estate steel shot spread out to 5-6 feet with very few holes. So I asked a group of friends of mine and thank you again for the responses, probably the best group of duck hunters I know at and here are their responses put in a graph:

As you can see the new Hypersonic seems to be a good one along with Black Cloud and Kent following close behind with these group of expert hunters. So I went a little further and called a local outdoor store to see the most popular shells that hunters that shop at his store buy. I spoke with Mr. Jimmy Slater at Slater's Inc. in Indianola, Ms at and he said his most popular shell that he sells is the Black Cloud and the new Heavy Metal shell. He said most hunters seem to get the most umph, as we duck hunters say, from these shells. I hope this helps in your next decision in what shotgun shells to buy when coming to the Ms. Delta on a guided hunt with Mossy Island Outfitters,

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