Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Reasons Duck Hunting Will be Great in The South in 2012

Lately I have been receiving lots of calls from potential hunters asking what I think about the upcoming season. I have told most I think this could be one of the best seasons ever for the southern part of the Mississippi Flyaway. Most ask, how do you know that or what are you basing this on? Here are a few reason I think it will be great:

     The number of ducks is up significantly. There is a total population of 48.6 million ducks and that is up 7% from last year. Most will say, "Hey, we have been hearing about the population increase for years now." I know we have, but with the other factors I am about to list will make it matter.

     Everyone has heard the talk of the severe drought that has happened in the Midwest this year. It has been a tough year for farmers in those states, but their loss in grain is our gain in ducks. For many years ducks have stopped short of making it to the southern states because of the ample of food in the Midwest. This year ducks will have to make the trip further south to find food.

     Hurricane Issac made its landfall a week back along the coast of Louisiana. The reports I am getting of the marshes is total devastation to the wintering grounds of many ducks. Saltwater is deadly to the aquatic food the ducks usually feed on in those marshes. Once those ducks make it to the marshes, they will have to turn around and go back north to search for food in Northern Louisiana, Mississippi, and Arkansas Delta's.

     A local problem for us in years past is the level of the Mississippi River. Usually in years past, Old Man River is busting at the seams. Flooded timber and flooded crops inside the levee hold high numbers of ducks. This year the Mississippi River is at the lowest level in 150 years. Barges are held up along the river waiting on it to come up just to make it passable. It should make for duck hunting outside the levees unreal.

     I hope, if you have been saving up for a trip to go duck hunting, this is the year you will make it. I can almost, I said almost, guarantee you can't go wrong coming over for a guided hunt this year. If you do, give us a shout at Mossy Island Outfitters at 662-254-9110 or go to our website at and contact us.