Monday, May 23, 2011

The Great Mississippi River Flood and Summer Happenings!

I want to thank you all for the many calls on how we are doing with the flood and if we were taking on any water. We have not had any water problems where we are, but just south of here on the other side of Belzoni it is pretty rough. The water has risen above the highways and has taken a lot of the crops out in those areas. The river has finally started to drop some, but won't drop below flood stage until the middle to the end of June. Right now there is 2 million cubic feet of water per second moving down the mighty Mississippi. One good thing about the wet spring season though is in the breeding grounds up north have had one of the biggest duckling hatches ever according to Delta Waterfowl. I am excited to hear hear the number when they come out in a few weeks.

The next big thing happening at Mossy Island Outfitters this summer is the birth of the next guide. As most of you know Royann and I are expecting our second child. If Royann hasn't had the baby by June 8, we will induce then. We don't know what it is and I continue to hope it looks like Royann.

Bookings are up right now and if you plan on returning this winter please go ahead and give me a call. Look forward to hearing from you guys and thank you again for checking on us with the flood.

Rocky Leflore

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