Monday, April 25, 2011

When is the best time to duck hunt in Mississippi, Arkansas, or Louisiana?

Another question that is posed to me with every new hunter that calls. What is the best time to come? When is the best time to kill ducks in Mississippi,Arkansas, or Louisiana? According to Trey Smith on our facebook fan page, it is anytime the season is open. That is true because any day hunting is better than any day in the office, but I have to give paying cutomers an answer to this question. I have found that the best time to hunt in the south is in the weeks between Dec. 15 and Jan 25. This is when most bag limits are filled by our hunters here at Mossy Island Outfitters. Here is a graph for overall number of duck kills per hunter:

Then I have people that only want to come when there is a good chance of mallards being killed. So here is a graph of mallard kills per hunter over the past five years.

Next week we will show total numbers by species by the week here at Mossy Island Outfitters. So I hope this will help many in how they make their decision in not only hunting with me, but when they head to the south to hunt ducks. These graphs are very representative of the hunting in this time frame of Central Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Call to book your hunt today at Mossy Island Outfitters at 1-877-699-6677 or 662-392-4740 or go to our website at .

Rocky Leflore

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